Once upon a time, there were two little sisters from the Midlands. One loved ballet, the other loved to tap dance. They would sing and dance to anyone who would listen and eventually found their way to the bright lights of London.

A new commercial rage had stormed the industry but they couldn't shake off their boas and sequins. They missed the bluesy Gershwin melodies and harmonies of The Andrew Sisters. Deciding to go against the grain, they included all of their favourite things into an act, that they hoped would make others feel as happy as it made them.


The UK's No.1 Vintage Sister Duo, My Favourite Things, also perform as a trio and with their live band. Entertaining audiences at Theatre's, Retro Nightclubs, Vintage Festivals and Fair's all over the UK, My Favourite Things aim to spread a bit of happiness to all. Combining authentic dance moves and classic hits from the 1930's-1950's, will they be your favourite thing?